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intrusion 2.

2009-05-27 16:13:57 by vapgames

Yes, i'm working on intrusion2 now.
Ofcause it's in AS3 and utilizes modified Box2D physics engine (unlimited worlds with unlimited number of physical objects).
Enemy ragdoll now really synchronized with animation.
and GIANT ROBOT FUCK YEAH! (it's totally physical based)

intrusion 2.


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2009-05-29 20:15:50

Awesome, you should get a musician and story writer.


2009-06-01 23:53:41

Great to hear! Hey, and excellent art and programming in "Intrusion 1" (as a game programmer myself, I'm still trying to figure your rag-doll deaths (cool 'n realistic ideas; I just played it today the first time). Anyhow, with much appreciation for your hard work, definitely looking forward to "Intrusion 2." Keep up the good work!


2009-06-12 15:48:06

I now love you for ever.


2009-06-27 20:36:00

I cant wait to play this.
The first one was awesome, this one looks even better :)

keep it up.


2009-07-28 22:33:55

HORAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Really looking forward to it. I'm a huge fan of the original. You can read my review if you want. Hope to see it soon.


2010-02-15 18:04:47

I support this game and its predecessor 100%, and I think it is the best action flash game I have EVER played.


2010-02-15 18:06:13

I notice your website is down, so tell me if you need any help with that, since you are so cool and everything.


2010-04-19 10:24:39

when i said something about the assault rifle from halo looking gun, i really meant to say the battle rifle! i used to mix them up before! oh! and remember the character select thing!


2010-07-02 10:22:53

I got a boner.


2010-08-26 23:24:37

maybe in intrusion 3 (if you ever get to it) you could be a chick not the guy or maybe multi player :D


2010-12-24 14:13:51

I LOVE IT I PLAYED THE DEMO and i couldnt get pass the part with those robot dragons and those ninjas and that guy who launched out of that helicopter arm thing


2011-05-21 14:36:31

dude ive been waiting for this game for over 2 years!!! it really takes this long to do all those robots? well if you want a game sorta like intrusion go to plazma burst 2 its awsome but hard