intrusion 2 gameplay video

2010-04-10 06:26:08 by vapgames

Some gameplay from intrusion 2:

/* */
Artist still needed.


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2010-04-10 11:30:14

Does pixel art count? (Microsoft paint)

vapgames responds:

Sorry, it's impossible to achieve the required quality of sprites in MSPaint (because of lack of antialiasing and texturing).


2010-04-17 16:25:45

freakin awesome
im sorry you dont get the credit you deserve man but this is awesome


2010-04-17 19:00:22

Wow that game looks pretty awsome

Can't wait for you to finish it


2010-04-17 19:09:11

i forgot to say this in my first post

but if you need a story or background plot im your man

i got a wicked imgination

so if you need a story im the guy


2010-04-19 10:46:48

remember how i said something about character create and how there should be a gun that looks like the assault rifle from halo? i actually meant for the battle rifle, not the assault rifle!


2010-04-19 11:14:46

OH! make it so that when you press X you "feign death" which means you ragdoll and trick enemies into thinking you are dead and you get up when they look away and kill them


2010-04-19 16:04:49

oh! two things (other than sorry for so many posts!), i think you should add a level creator and, i can draw stuff for you, im not good with drawing people though.


2010-04-21 07:18:53

how come the soldiers or maybe those robot thingy's are disappearing after u kill/destroy he/it? like the last intrusion? the enemies dont disappear after i kill em.
idk why i like it when they stay dead but i like it cant do anythign about it,can u pls make them stay dead even so it has nothing to do with anything i just like it u know?

vapgames responds:

That is done for optimization.
Well i think i'll make an option so you can turn the off corpse disappearence from the menu.


2010-05-15 21:01:12

REALLY amazing, great job so far. I imagine that you are fond of Valve, from your use of hl textures and physics affinity, so I think you should try to get this on Steam when you are done. It is definitely high enough quality. Good luck and GODSPEED.


2010-05-24 21:48:22

I can't wait, I hope it comes out soon. I still play the first one.


2010-05-28 12:40:56

please make a playable demo!!!

and once again, sorry for so many posts!


2010-06-08 05:34:37

hey vapgames i almost forgot about what u needed there's a guy names proxicide he's art is so futuristic why not tell him that your making the part 2 of intrusion maybe he liked it or maybe he didnt play it yet but proxicide is a good artist man all his games and movies looks so futuristic and almost realistic why not ask him? oh and loved the 1st one cant w8 for this one too =D

-etriuswimbleton- hanks and etrius' friend xD jk


2010-06-25 13:21:18

Looks like such an awesome game! I can't believe that so far it is still a one man job and yet so much has been done. Amazing! Only one thing, is there going to be a plot to the game because that would make it extraordinary. There should be like temporary allies (for a few missions) and maybe some can backstab you towards the end of some missions etc..


2010-06-29 10:20:15

Damnet find an artit plz!


2010-06-29 10:22:56

Scratch what I said I was in the moment of view your vid.
You should make it so we can shoot the corpses still even when on the ground and stuff you know to play around with them.


2010-06-29 10:30:42

Scratch that again...
I reviewed th vid and paid close attention and now saw that you can shoot the bodies already if I have seen it correctly, you sir awesome.


2010-07-10 02:38:23

Wow.... Game should be successful, I see big things for it. Turn it into a series, add a lil multiplayer, might be the most played flash game ever.


2010-07-12 19:47:45

Looks awesome man, looking forward to playing it!


2010-07-19 12:58:20

Do I hear an intrusion 2, I loved the first one


2010-07-26 15:59:08

Sorry, I'm afraid I can't help you here.
Anyways, good luck on it, loved the first one.


2010-08-02 09:16:27

Well done dude, i really hope this comes out soon.... Its looking amazing.
I hope you find your desired artists..
And i just wanna get this off my mind, dunno if your already thinking of doing this, but i just wanna state it to make sure....:
*Could you add like different backgrounds in the levels, to stop from looking repetitive

*and like the way you done right at the beginning of this video, of that ship, falling to earth , in the background, could you use that same idea for the rest of the levels, so what i mean is something taking place in the background, so basically a moving background, with some action taking place in the background (E.g. explosions, aliens flying past etc....)
, maybe add some twists to the story, like something thats not even related to the contet of this game, that will really get you top marks, and add to the visual clarity of the game...., hope you really take this idea into account...
*Oh yeah, like everyone else has said a story!!!, this game has such a good foundation for a wicked story...
*Do you think that there could be some blood, or dismemberment, in this game, or would that be inappropriate, just saying it would be kinda cool, and less limited if that was the case....
Thats it for now, good luck with the rest of the development... hope it goes well...


2010-08-02 18:34:32



2010-08-10 16:06:52

Found someone yet?


2010-08-31 10:55:36

Demo is out everyone!
played it, it's awesome


2010-09-24 17:12:04

Amazing. Got the demo! What? Oh yeah, retards, there's a demo. '' Get it there. Freaking rocks and wish I was a good enough artist to help out, but I don't know how to submit art! I'm a newbie to newgrounds, s could you tell me how to help this guy out? I'm pretty good at designing and drawing, but I don't know what I should draw with, if I get flash to draw, if I just regularly draw in real life, sorry if im acting retarded right now. I just don't really know anything about submiting and helping ppl. Please help me! Anyway, I know this is just another stupid idea among the others and probably wont make the cut, but, what about physics powers? Like in Psi Ops! That would be epic. Of course, that's just more work on your shoulders. Sorry! Just had to say it!


2010-09-25 09:59:18

looks amazing!


2010-11-06 13:51:13

I have some pretty stupid questions... First, will this game be released free of charge? Will it be released as a download or be playable from a browser? Finally, approximately when can intrusion 2 be expected to be released (After all the gameplay demo was released in april! And now it's now november!) ?

vapgames responds:

Intrusion2 will be released for free as any other flash game and will be available for play in a browser.


2011-02-05 12:45:34

Hey I played this demo and it's OFF THE FUCKING CHAIN!!

When I first met the ball-enemies I thought they might be the best enemy I've ever seen in a Flash game; the way their AI behaves and the way they move over the terrain; but then I saw the other enemies! AND THEN I SAW THE DOG!

This game is bodcaious!


2011-02-08 00:18:44

Can't wait. The demo is just as awesome as I had hoped, and while it's a little rough around the edges near the end, I'm sure you'll be polishing it up. I'm expecting another insanely amazing game from you soon, dood.


2011-03-29 03:25:52

If you're still looking for someone to write a soundtrack, i'm your man :) I've got a bunch of ideas.

If you're interested, let me know :D


2011-06-06 10:03:00

Awesome game but it seems like destroying obstacles takes a lot of ammo
Maybe add a melee weapon like a hammer or a sword
Just a thought :)


2011-09-26 11:33:31

Someone has uploaded 2 of your flashes from your deviantart gallery
fluttershy.newgrounds. com
newgrounds. com/portal/view/580283
newgrounds. com/portal/view/580302


2011-11-13 20:59:14

2 things. 1 i might be able to help with your artist problem and 2 could I be a beta tester? I have tested games before so i have some experince(did i spell that right?)