intrusion 2 gameplay trailer

2012-04-25 07:02:23 by vapgames

Here is the new trailer:

intrusion 2 gameplay video

2010-04-10 06:26:08 by vapgames

Some gameplay from intrusion 2:

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Artist still needed.

ARTIST Wanted!

2009-08-03 16:26:19 by vapgames

I need an artist for a flash game.

"intrusion 2" - action platformer
(the first part -

type of art needed:
1) level textures (backgrounds and foregrounds), level static sprites (buildings/nature), level design
2) enemy design and animated sprites (not necessarily, but would be great)
3) effects

game screenshots (examples of needed art):

same screenshots to.jpg rd05.jpg rd06.jpg

what is ready:
engine (basic gameplay, physics - modified box2D, ropes, level editing and loading, human AI and ragdolls)
human enemies (AI, animation), some robotic enemies, some boss sprites
some graphic effects (explosions, cloth simulation, hair simulation), some weapons
some level textures and backgrounds

my role in the project:
programming, enemy design, gamedesign, sound, and everything else :) if needed

"piecework pay" AND/OR % of project revenue

Please send a PM if you are interested!

ARTIST Wanted!

intrusion 2.

2009-05-27 16:13:57 by vapgames

Yes, i'm working on intrusion2 now.
Ofcause it's in AS3 and utilizes modified Box2D physics engine (unlimited worlds with unlimited number of physical objects).
Enemy ragdoll now really synchronized with animation.
and GIANT ROBOT FUCK YEAH! (it's totally physical based)

intrusion 2.